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There are many sides to to your business branding and marketing that will contribute to your success. Market-Ting! can help you create those materials whether traditional media, print and for the web. Partnering with Viral Booth Indianapolis we took the opportunity to develop branding and marketing materials,from banners to a car wrap. Lastly building out a custom website.
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Building Better Websites in a On-Line World

mattmiller.2.1.17 Non-profit or government website design, development and maintenance can be a challenge. Creating a eye catching and efficient website that represents you and your community properly is important to the people you serve. Market-Ting!’s team can help navigate the process. From creation of a robust website that will drive engagement to updating post-launch we can help you in all aspects of web design and development. Market-Ting can design websites that are fully optimized for viewing on all platforms. Post-launch Market-Ting can host your website and continue to manage your content or assist you with it. When you are ready to step forward and develop the website that accomplishes your objectives, and is user friendly reach out to Market-Ting!.

Need a website designed in Indianapolis, Indiana?

Sometimes being straight forward is needed in this crazy world of information, were everyone is an expert. I decided to write a blog to those individuals who might need help with a website, new or old, and just aren’t sure which direction to turn on a company that matches and meets their specific needs.

Market*TING in specific is a company that is wired for “SMALL BUSINESSES.” This is not the federal term for small businesses because those number can be anywhere from 50 people to 1,000 people. The average size company I am working with probably has 4-5 individuals, so first thing to note is NOT ALL SMALL BUSINESSES ARE THE SAME.

I prefer the opportunity to work with one person on these web projects (input of course is appreciated), but the biggest thing that helps make the directives and decisions the easiest is having a technical representative from the company, even if that person is not technical. That helps us with delivering the information to the right person.

Market*TING’s process for websites is as follows:

1.) Sending a general website questionnaire to client that gives us basic information on what is it you are trying to accomplish, who is the audience, what are some colors that are important. Who are some websites that you really like (or parts of the site) what are some website that you really not like.)
2.) We then start mock-ups based on information provided and directives and inspiration from client and design team. Mock-up can be helped with a pre-built template idea, but could also be built from scratch.
3.) All information updates, and check offs for approval will be shared on our online Project management system. It is all cloud based so can be viewed, and downloaded anywhere.
4.) The last steps really come in the meat of the work, which can take anywhere from 1 month on a very fast track projects, to an entire year depending on the scope of the project, and how responsive people might be once updates happen and once items are turned in.

Things to think about when building a website go beyond just the website (of course). Super important items to consider include: photos (real or stock), video, fonts, number of pages, functionality, should it be responsive design? Do I need eCommerce? This is just a few items to consider. If you need to process this more, or maybe talk to someone that might help you decide more on what your process might look like, we’d love to speak with you. Give us a call at: 317.847.3904 Ask for Ryan. Market*TING – Giving Companies Great Ideas.

Market*TING is a Central Indiana Marketing and Communications firm that services the greater Indianapolis area, but also surrounding areas in Fishers, Noblesville, Westfield, Carmel, Zionsville, Whitestown, Avon, Brownsburg, Muncie, Columbus, and also regionally here in the Midwest. We provide Logo Design and development services, Branding, Website design and development, social media and marketing strategy. We hope to work with firms who need a strategic marketing consultant with all the resources of the big box full service agency,but the ability to focus on growing the relationship, and taking on projects no matter big or small.

Who Is James Scott? Apparel Marketing Story in the making…

This is all about our new clothing line James Scott Apparel. A lifestyle brand with sharp looks, great materials, and more in mind!

This has been an extremely involved marketing challenge overall because one it is a heavy product focus, and to be honest, the Market*TING team doesn’t work with a ton of products, more so services for companies and organizations.

The other difficult thing is, Owner of Market*TING, Ryan Scott, is the co-owner of the company, along with partner Fenrick James. What has happened is every element of Market*TING has been utilized and tested, and more! Initial company development focused on the naming of the organization. We quickly vetted that out internally, but next was the look that would develop and being the visual essence of what we eventually called James Scott Apparel. After getting a number of marks we had a good feeling about, I decided to attack our demographic, young women, looking for something high quality…so I went to a popular college watering hole in Downtown Indianapolis, and asked our demographic what they thought. That great feedback led to some of our first designs of our private label brand.

Other efforts that immediately followed in the next coming months included doing high caliber fashion photo shoots, developing our web and social media presence. Creating a marketing campaign that spoke to the essence of the brand #WhoIsJamesScott? Developing a variety of new looks for our t-shirt brand, and launching our university branded division. The company has been around over a year now, we’ve sold over 1000 shirts, and pushing for stores to pick up our brand for the holiday season.

We are not experts in fashion marketing by far, but we have developed a pretty strong road map for success, and would love to speak with other organizations that might be looking to expand their clothing and apparel ideas, or other products that they might be looking to push, and build the brand of.

Website Design Process

We’d like to talk about some basics of website design and development, and give you a better idea of what our process looks like.

What does the “typical” process look like when it comes to working with Indianapolis based Market*TING on developing a new, or redesigning an existing digital space online. First things first is our “discovery” process.

The discovery process is going to ask some basic questions like. What does your organization do? What is the purpose of developing the website? Who is the audience that we are designing for (this isn’t always your typical consumer, or customer).

After we get the main information for who, what, where, when (idea of), and why. We move on to the next steps of discovery.

1. Getting a sense of what is your online brand, and what does that strategy look like? Having a website is good, but it is never enough in this time and age of internet marketing.
2. What is the website structure that will make up your website? There are a multitude of ways we can build your website, but we need to figure out what road map and construction will be best for your particular audience. This could include building a wire frame, a site map, or simply determining which, and how many pages will be needed for the website.
3. Functionality is always the difficult part when it comes to websites, and what the client wants. A lot of times clients aren’t aware of the time frame that goes into the programming of a website, determining what functionality they want on the website will a lot of times determine how difficult of a programming challenge the design might be. Early on I was advised, anything under the sun can be designed on a website, it’s just how much time, and how much money does a client want to spend. Functionality could include flash graphics, special forms, drop down menus, custom branding, video, or a dancing baby going across the screen.

This is just the first phase of what we go through in the web design process. Stay tuned for our follow up on the “process” If you are exploring a new web presence and located in Central Indiana or beyond, give Market*TING a call. We would love to develop a web solution that is right for your organization.