At our roots, we are a strategy-based company that doesn’t have pre-determined packages or templates to choose from for client projects.

marketing strategy movesEach client is special and unique. Our team wants to make sure you get the best possible service. We take the time to gather as much information on what your firm is currently doing to communicate to clients.

We believe exploration is important and hope to tackle:

First: Any of the approaches that you would like to do in relation to their marketing.

Secondly: Helping clients figure out what they could be doing better, or is the better approach!

We offer several traditional and new service and product offerings when it comes to services.

Check out some of our projects we’ve worked on. We are looking for new clients too! Let’s see if we can help create your next masterpiece.


Branding is the creation of the ethos of an organization. It includes the look, feel, color, messaging, voice, customer service experience, and content of an organization.


The visual ques that drive consumer behaviors and are personified by web, video or print-based applications that bring the brand to life. Creating imprints on customers brains to ensure TOMA (Top of mind awareness) is the ultimate goal.

Digital services

In this day and age, being found on the web digitally is the only way to succeed in business.

Market*TING helps you get there.

We help build a digital footprint of information. Get you on the top search engines. Create an exciting presence on social. You’re welcome.

What We Do


  • Brand strategy
  • Communications strategy
  • Content and social strategy

Social & Content

  • Social strategy
  • Social campaigns
  • Content creative & production
  • Community management

Branding & Design

  • Brand design
  • Digital/web design
  • Packaging


  • Illustration and animation
  • Film and photography
  • Graphic and animated content