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Marketing Assessments by Market*TING

I started this business long ago to set out to create a small business focused marketing company that could help individuals that wanted to do marketing but didn’t know how to start, wasn’t sure if they could afford marketing, or just didn’t have the time to do it on their own.


A lot of people have needs, but are not sure how to put together the infrastructure to better understand their needs, organize their thoughts on what they are having success on, and look at where things are falling short. In working with some long time friends and business associates, and learning and watching what worked well, and what didn’t work so well. I introduced something into my business that would be a key cog into better understanding my clients, their pain points, and possible solutions to introduce into their business.

Thus what I now call the “Environmental Scan” or the marketing assessment was introduced!  I say this when going through the process, “it’s like when you do a business plan, and pull out that one page section talking about marketing and communication. This however, takes it out and blows it up, and focuses on the marketing, and only the marketing.”


So what is involved in the Environmental Scan? Well I won’t give all my secrets away, but basics that we will cover include “what do you want your marketing effort to support?”, “What is your true passion in business, and what are your bench mark goals for the next level?” “Who is your perfect demographic, and who is REALLY buying from you?” “How are you communicating with your current clients?” and there is more! If you are interested in going through the process by what you’ve already heard, give me a call at:  317.847.3904 or email me directly at Operators are not standing by, but i am usually available to talk long enough to set you up for a scheduled meeting to go through a booklet.