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Covid slow? 3 things to jump start business NOW!

The Covid pandemic has slowed business for many of us, and brought on new restrictions, and tougher ways of drawing in business than what we’ve been accustomed to. Other businesses have decided to look deeper into the numbers and focus on promoting, communicating, and advertising in those spaces that we KNOW people are still going to because of the need to still interact, and be social with people in the outside world.  Digital Marketing has been helping us reach and talk to new and existing clients like never before, and with more precise science.

But talking a good game (at least out loud) isn’t enough, here are four things to start doing right now to get people looking at your for the first time, or re-looking at what you are doing.



Hey, they chose you and not those other guys for a reason, now guard your territory because it’s feast or famine out here. The percentages say that it’s 5-7 times harder to get a brand new client, than it is to go to the well again and get some more project work, so we suggest making a ‘WYD’ call to your favorite, or at least best paying customers. Throwing out new ideas like a digital marketing plan, some consulting hours re-looking at their digital marketing plan, or starting or increasing the fire on the ad budget is a must! People aren’t going to find you at Starbucks these days, it’s emails or ads popping up while surfing the net in their stay at home kitchen/office.


2.  Cast A Bigger Net of Clients.


Swimming in familiar waters is not wrong, but it’s going to quickly turn into a pond with no fish. We say, go fishing in the river, or the lakes that are out there with a lot more opportunities to grow your customer base. Got a specific focus on one industry, add another to your target client base.  Have you been mining LinkedIN only, broaden your horizons to other or new business focused social networks like Alignable or WorkVivo? There are of course other networking things you can also do like Rainmakers or BNI, but Covid-19 has definitely affected the way those businesses operate as well.


3. Change up the Game (Increase or start a new service).

You’ve been a branding and visual communications company your whole time, get into website design. You’ve already did the website design and branding? look at content writing. Content writing has been a good venture, maybe look at managing some of your clients social media. If you’ve already been doing all thee above, package that up and start doing “Digital Marketing” (I am clearly speaking to myself).  Digital marketing is not just a hot buzz word, but the science behind what we’ve been doing for years, backed up with analytical data showing why we are able to be more successful, how to gain more exposure, and given us undeniable information on where we are versus where our competitors are.  There have been company’s doing digital marketing or at least elements of it for well over two decades, but now it’s driving the industry and giving the inside advantage to companies that choose to do it, as opposed to lagging behind.   What do you need to do to improve your company?


Are you looking for branding, communication services or digital marketing?  Do you have no real idea where to start and need to talk to someone? My name is Ryan Scott, and I am the founder of Market*TING. We started this company in 2009 to help out small businesses who wanted to take a foothold into marketing. If this is where your company is, or if you are looking for something fresh and exciting, give us a call and let’s see if we can make great things happen.  What can a bigger SMARTER marketing plan do for you?


Published By:  Ryan Scott