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Fighting against Covid lag in 2022.

6 things marketers need to do in 2022 to fight against Covid lag


6 things marketers need to do in 2022 to fight against Covid lag

  1. Get social now and regularly.
  2. Update your stagnant webspace.
  3. Prepare for if things get worse.
  4. Clean up what you messed up
  5. Don’t trust a magic crystal ball, evaluate changes daily.
  6. Use strategic pricing to keep business coming in the door.


1. Get Social Now and Regularly:

social media handles

You know where everybody lives and what everybody goes to get information about. Facebook and Twitter are the places to gossip and find out what’s the latest going on. Instagram is the key to seeing what everybody is doing. Youtube gives you late-breaking conspiracy news, and Google has the answer to anything that you can think of (literally!).

Know this traffic at all these social media sites is up, and a lot! Have you seen the stock numbers for Facebook and Twitter!! Serving up relevant and interesting content might get your business some extra looks, finally starting to do it regularly is a safe bet for more views and hopefully more business!

2. Update that stagnant web space

Circa 2003!?

If you are like me, updating your website is DEFINITELY a labor of love. Looking at the details, updating the latest projects, evaluating the content, and hey, writing blog posts (of course) is something that might not be on top of your to-do list, but it can have great effects on people moving around on your website easier, fixes being made, or just updating the overall look and experience of your site, consider doing it.

3. When things get bad, make sure to prepare for the next one:

So one of our offices is located in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. Awesome right! Well in less than a course of a year they have overthrown the governor, started having catastrophic earthquakes, nearly devastating hurricanes, and pandemic virus outbreaks. That is a lot for a lifetime, but it’s July and we are in planning and prep mode once again.

Not planning for the worst is not an option on the island. Not planning for the worst in your marketing business model, especially for eventually losing clients, is one that can come as a surprise and have you looking lost and bewildered at what’s going on.

Start making a list of similar clients that are like your existing clients. Start doing lead generation. If Covid-19 decides to come back, figure out how your business model might have to change again, and what that might look like.

4. Clean up what you messed up:

There are going to be some projects that you started work on and finished but they were just so-so. There are going to be internal issues that you’ve wanted to address but did not when you had the time. Take this “down” time to fix those issues.

Clean up that badly written copy, because what’s an edit among friends. Introduce video content to your audience…because the video is still king to most people. Set up zoom calls to go over already finished projects with clients and make sure that your customer service is above and beyond.

5. Things are changing and no one seems to have the magic crystal ball:

Have you noticed on the news that no one truly seems to know what is happening with Covid-19 or the economy, or the stock market? Good, you shouldn’t either. Plan out your changing situations day by day.  Google data suggests we need to reassess the current marketing climate during COVID-19 daily. That client that was ready to move yesterday may have gotten bad news today and all plans to push forward might be on hold.

Be ready to pivot! Did you ever watch that incredible show Big Brother? Always expect the unexpected was their big thing. In times of Covid-19, we are in the same mind frame. Plan your projects based on current conditions only. Forecasting is a great tool in dependable times, but 2020 is far from dependable. reach out on

6. Business slow…look at falling prices!

Do you ever go to a professional sports teams game when they are really terrible and people are basically giving away tickets? Do you ever go back to them when they are the hot team and you have to sell your firstborn just to get in the place? That’s not exactly what we are talking about, but like sports teams today that use dynamic pricing to fill the stands, when things are going slow, look at using a strategic pricing model to get things moving ahead for your business and your business’s margins.

We are not saying just to drop or adjust prices but definitely look at the margins that keep you afloat and allow you to weather these rough and tumble times.