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Hacking isn’t just a Winter time sickness..!

So a lot of people just seem to be completely unaware of hacking…truth is I was one of those people….until it happened to me! Now, it wasn’t me specifically…but it did effect one of my clients. I did feel a little bad about the situation, but one thing I DO try to warn clients is, invest in the extra security just in case something goes wrong…..I’ll come back to that story in a bit. Let’s start with some basics like, WHAT IS HACKING?

It is simply the method somebody uses a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system.

Now you’ve seen major companies get hacked on the news, the Ashley Madison’s, the US Government, Yahoo, Google, Facebook….but what about ma and pa’s record shop, or upholstery cleaner? Why would someone want to hack them…. Simply stated because they can. Just like anyone who takes advantage of someone else who doesn’t have control, it’s to effect them mentally, and somewhat physically (functionally not being able to use their website).

Is it possible to stop, are there full proof methods? Not exactly…..there are tons of software, programs encryption methodologies and more….but nothing is full proof. Companies paying 1000’s of dollars monthly still get hacked. Why, because vulnerabilities pop up through the biggest weakness involved in the technical process, human error.

We forget to update plugins, we give weak passwords, we give our password out to everyone, we don’t add extra layers of security. we avoid minor costs. There are a number of reasons, BUT prevention starts first with:

1. PICK A STRONG PASSWORD – Please pick one you haven’t used before, hackers pick up on rhythmic things like that… Make up one using all types of cases and characters, write it down and move on.

2. Invest in extra layer of security – One I just invested in for a client that has worked like gangbusters is Site Lock. They scan daily, and send me warnings right away not only if or when I get attacked, but also if there are warning signs from the design infrastructure that say…”This could be a problem down the line”

3. Change can be good – This sounds a bit like one, and two as well – Change to a secure password regularly, don’t always have blog posts that people can comment on, eventually disable those comment areas.

There are a lot of things you can do….as I was telling you this did happen to a client, however they did not want the extra security or my reassurances, what was done was done…..learning lessons.

If you are looking for more information on the subject matter, there is a ton out there. However if you are infected, or feel like you might need help cleaning up your backend up, or getting rid of malware? Call the team at Market*TING – Central Indiana’s marketing and communication leaders. We do web design and development, branding and graphic design services. Social Media consultation and training, and lastly website design and development services for both new and existing clients. Let’s see how well your website might be protected.